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Ice Skating Party Colorado

If your kid loves to skate, nothing can be a better birthday gift for him/her, than an ice skating birthday party in Colorado. An Ice Skating Party is a perfect idea as the children are kept entertained in a contained area.  For younger children, it’s a good idea to invite parents to skate as well to help with supervision.  Most skating rinks that offer parties also have a party room for food and presents!  Even if (s)he is not really a fan of skating, (s)he will surely remember it as a birthday bash with a difference!

Lollipop Park Denver (Click here to view Full Details)

Total Hit: 19340
Phone: (303) 761-8700
6901 South Peoria at Arapahoe Road Centennial CO 80112

Our Indoor Amusement Park includes a Ferris Wheel, Train Ride, Teacups Ride, Swing Ride, Whip Ride, Fun Mirrors, Air Bounce Castle, and a Horse Carousel.  For older kids / teens, please call Family Sports Center directly at 303-708-9500 for ice skating, mini-golf, laser tag, rock wall and eXer Game Zone. Lollipop Park parties are indoors, so you don't have to worry about the weather.  Kids can stay and play as long as you wish!  We make the parties easy for you, and even have food available.  We can accommodate last minute walk-ins! Offerings subject to change at tny time.